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Doctor-led Mentorship

Doctor-led mentorship program for NEET coaching students provides expert guidance and personalized support to help aspiring medical students succeed on the competitive exam. Include study materials, practice tests and strategies for managing stress. Helps students realize their full potential.

Doctor Led Mentorship

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Looking to excel on the NEET exam? Our success program can help you get there. Our expert-designed program includes a doctor's success planner, weekly exams, and tracking and analysis of scores to keep you focused and on track. With our proven approach, you can achieve NEET success with confidence.

Doctor Led Mentorship
  • Innovative Approach
  • Mentorship by Doctors
  • Systematic Strategy
  • Elite Tutors

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“ DOPA offers medical entrance coaching that is accessible and affordable for all students. Our innovative, online program is designed to help students succeed on exams like NEET, regardless of their socio-economic background. Our team of expert instructors will guide you through the necessary subject material and test-taking strategies, giving you the best chance at achieving your dreams of becoming a doctor.”

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Dr.Niyas P, Dr.Asif PP, Dr.Ashique, Mr.Muneer

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